Introducing a cheap restaurant in a calm atmosphere that is suitable for dates and entertainment


スポンサードリンク If you hospitals with a date or entertainment, they are very pleased that they have a calm atmosph・・・

Enjoy a delicious lunch! Introducing a calm atmosphere restaurant


スポンサードリンク A restaurant that people who know the calm atmosphere just recently started lunch know it. I would・・・

What is the delicious eating way of bonito! What? It is delicious enough even without sauce


There is a person who is not good at seared bonito. If you eat the seared bonito being sold at the supermarket・・・

Can not recommend the Umikaji Terrace in Okinawa Prefecture? I have crowded and parking problems


Umikaji Terrace in Setagaya Island, Okinawa Prefecture. Although it is an island resort area that started as a・・・

How can I get to Umikaji Terrace? Investigate suggested access way


  Umikaji Terrace is an island resort area that was born on August 1, 2015 in Setagaya, Okinawa Prefectur・・・

An epoch-making way that funeral time is short and the physical disability can be attended


Fast food shops such as McDonald’s and Kentucky · Fried · Chicken introduce drive-through to increase cu・・・

Be careful when you eat eels! I do not want to eat eels made in China!


For eels that eat on the Midsummer Day of the Midsummer, Chinese eels are often taken up. Because eels importe・・・

Is not it Japanese eel only domestic eel? Japanese eel also in foreign country?


Japanese people eat eels on a midsummer day of the ox. Mainly eel which is eaten in Japan, It is a Japanese ee・・・

What day is “Doyou no Ushinohi” ? Why eat eel?


There is a day called “Doyou no Ushinohi” in Japan, and there is a custom to eat eel on”Doyo・・・

Do you remember Autumnal Equinox Day on September 23? There is a year with a different date


On the Japanese calendar, Autumnal Equinox Day is almost September 23. Remember Autumnal Equinox Day on 23rd S・・・



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