Dinner in Saga Prefecture is decided here! Recommended fashionable restaurant



Enjoy dinner in Saga Prefecture I picked up the restaurant.

Although it is not cheap, every shop has a good atmosphere, The food is very delicious.

Saga-beef Nakamura In Karatsu City


関連ランキング:ステーキ | 浜崎駅


There is a calm atmosphere, Saga beef Nakamura has various kinds of course meal, Saga beef course, Shabu-shabu course or steaming course.
The price of the course is  From 2,800 yen per person to 9,600 yen per person.



Steakhouse Restaurant Sho In Imari City


関連ランキング:ステーキ | 川東駅


Steakhouse Restaurant Sho is at Imari City in Saga, it's along Karatsu Highway.

The nearest station is Kawado Station on Matsuura Nishikuzu Line, 7 minutes on foot. Of course there is a parking lot, You can go by car!

Since the last order is 20: 30, Be careful not to be late!

The course menu will be 9500 yen course if you order it with omal shrimp, but if the steak course is around 5000 yen, That's not expensive.




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