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Enjoy dinner in Fukuoka Prefecture
Pick up the restaurant!

Not a cheap restaurant,
Every shop has a good atmosphere,
The food is very delicious.

Restaurant Kayanoya with thatched roof in Fukuoka City



関連ランキング:懐石・会席料理 | 久山町その他


In Fukuoka there is 120 years of Kuhara soy sauce There is a traditional soy sauce warehouse.
Kuhara soy sauce is making, Not only soy sauce, Soy soup of pot and yakitori shop in Fukuoka Various seasonings such as sauce put on cabbage that comes out.
The store of Kubara soy sauce itself It is deployed in department stores nationwide, The making of Kubara Head Office is quite different, BGM who is at Kobara head home Violinist Taro Hakase A fashionable store where songs you compose are used.
Even if you go to Kuhara main house Actually it's a bit of sightseeing and date.



The restaurant that Kuhara soy sauce runs is There is only one store.
Only one store in Fukuoka worldwide! !

The way to the restaurant is romantic, The beginning towards the entrance to Chaya In the dark night like the picture below The twilight is lighting.



When the entrance of Kayanoya approached, The light will gradually become stronger ...



And a bit more walking Arrived at the entrance of Kayanoya! !



By the time you arrive at the entrance of Chaya There is a commemorative photo spot, When I come to Kayanoya in the summer, Fireflies are seen.

The price of the course meal of Chaya is high

In the course meal of Kayanoya Of "seeds", "buds", "leaves", "buds", "flowers" Five course dishes and water cooked course meal It is prepared.


In the course of "seeds" it is 3,780 yen,
It is over 5,000 yen from the course of "bud"

Private room reservation only from the course of "leaves"
I can not make a reservation.
However, as the price is high, The food is delicious and you can feel the best feeling.



The restaurant’s hospitality is good

If you reserve a restaurant in a private room, with the draft on the table, There are  name papers made of Japanese paper and they make your names with flowers.

And the chef comes to greet. Not only the atmosphere of the shop, The correspondence of the staff is very good. Even after the meal was over, Chef and manager They will see me to the store.

Luxury grilled meat restaurant Hakata Miyachiku at Nakasu in Fukuoka City


関連ランキング:鉄板焼き | 中洲川端駅呉服町駅天神駅


Hakata Miyachiku's Teppan-yaki course From "Miyazaki beef lean course" of 6,800 yen per person Of "Extreme Course" of 33,800 yen per person From the bottom to top ♪


In the course of grilled meat I can not put it out for teppanyaki, You can enjoy rare parts of beef There is a big merit of it.


Rice and miso soup are free for you, A 90 minute free drink service It is 2,000 yen.


Basically, without reservation,
Because it is difficult to eat with Hakata Miyachiku,
When you eat at Hakata Miyakoi,
let's make reservations.

Seasoning Yamashu that Kochi cuisine can be eaten in Fukuoka


関連ランキング:割烹・小料理 | 薬院大通駅薬院駅渡辺通駅


Kochi cuisine in Fukuoka! What?

I think, but,
I hope this restaurant will visit once!
I do not know this shop
It's about a waste
A shop that will serve delicious dishes.


Taste of skipjack tuna bonito When you eat,  at the other shop you cannot eat one.

The skipjack tuna eaten so far What was it! What? And you think.



Because the seat is 18 seats, reservation is necessary! If possible, reservation one month in advance is desirable.


Store opening time is also It will be from 16 o'clock to 24 o'cl Because it is a wide time zone be not in time··· It should not be rare.


Even if it is late at night you can enter the store, Course dishes from 3500 yen You can order.

※ All you can drink is plus 1500 yen.


Blowfish course is delicious and cheap in Seasoning Yamashu

Delicious Fugu cuisine in Fukuoka If you eat, this shop is the best.
Seasoning Yamashu has Two courses of blowfish cuisine.

One is a course of 7,000 yen,
Another one is a course of 10,000 yen.


For the course of 7,000 yen, half of the edible blowfish called Fugu and Kanatofugu.
The course of 10,000 yen is 100% Fugu.

Yamashu's course menu includes always, the skip of bonito As I follow, Even a person who wants to eat a bonito skipjack There is no need to order separately from the Fugu course.

The same course at Fugu cuisine specialty store If you order, per person It seems that it costs 15,000 yen.

Introducing a menu item recommended other than the course meal

Tattoo of a crucible.

Pinpoint to eat apricot
The idea should not be easy.

Come and take this opportunity
One dish you want to eat!



Kochi beef red meat snap!

The meat is soaked with taste
It is delicious enough even if you do not have anything!


福岡市天神のイタリアンレストラン 岩田屋のAl Port

イタリアンレストランAl Port


関連ランキング:イタリアン | 西鉄福岡駅(天神)天神駅天神南駅


Italian restaurant Al Port From Nishitetsu Tenjin Station, Tube Line Subway Line Line Tenjin Station It is about 3 minutes on foot.
Because it is on the 7th floor of Iwataya's new building, Overlook the city of Tenjin.


Italian Restaurant Al Port Course menu includes the following 4 types.
  • Pre-order only pair set(¥2,500)
  • Chef's recommended full course dinner(¥5,400)
  • Dinner Specialtier(¥3,996)
  • Medio course(¥2,700)
Steak course etc steak course, Compared to French cooking course, Recommended because you can enjoy dinner reasonably.

Night view Riverside bar & dining “Mitsubachi”



関連ランキング:ダイニングバー | 中洲川端駅天神南駅渡辺通駅


Speaking of Nakasu in Fukuoka, it is also nationwide Famous downtown.
You can enjoy meals while watching the city of Nakasu
Restaurant window Because the staff is available, Outside wind is comfortable, Shining brightly in front of my eyes A houseboat goes through.
For your birthday / anniversary Because there is a surprise benefit, If you are looking for a restaurant for a celebration, "Mitsubachi" is recommended.


“Midium Rare” At the City of Uminonakamichi in Fukuoka



関連ランキング:ステーキ | 海ノ中道駅


The Ruigans is a resort hotel in Uminonakamichi.

It is a hotel facing the sea, In the evening the hotel garden Beautifully lighted up,

"I came to a resort place!" To the elegant feeling It is filled.
There is a teppanyaki restaurant in the Ruigans, It is "Midium Rare".

Course dishes are classified into the following three types.

  • Special Course:¥12,000
  • Ruigans Course:¥8,000
  • Tasting Course:¥5,500


Even in the tasting course Because you can eat sushi and sashimi of foie gras, you can enjoy enough other than the main steak.




Observation Restaurants Laputa of Fukuoka Sun Palace in Fukuoka



関連ランキング:フレンチ | 呉服町駅


As the restaurant name is named, it is a restaurant where you can enjoy French cuisine while watching the night view of Fukuoka.
There are two kinds of an anniversary course and a seasonal French course, and when you choose the anniversary course you will come with cakes, bouquets and drinks.
The seasonal course is reasonable It is a course. Semi-course: 3780 yen, Full course: 5400 yen. The difference between the semi course and the full course is semi course, choose either fish dish or meat dish.
Full course is fish dish and meat dish You can enjoy both.




Teppanyaki Restaurant Steakhouse Sharon in Munakata City



関連ランキング:洋食 | 東郷駅


Interior is fashionable, and steak is delicious.


In the course you can choose rice and bread, if you choose rice you can order garlic rice.
The night view of the city seen from the window is beautiful,
It is perfect for photography.

Steakhouse Gyusha in Kurume City



関連ランキング:ステーキ | 櫛原駅


The exterior and interior are very luxurious.
Speaking of steaks, many teppanyaki shops sell steaks with hot steaks on steak plates for steaks.
Steakhouse Gyusha can enjoy steak with a steak plate.

The Menu is availabule on the web bellow.





Points to be noted when going to a steakhouse oxgar by car

With Google Map's navigation,
The Steakhouse "Gyusha" is guided to the parking lot of the Kurume dental medical association on the back street.


Steakhouse Gyusha is on the main street, and it is hard to see a little, but it is on the right side of the street properly.
Before going to a steak house oxbow, it is good to check the access map of the homepage.

→ Stakhouse Gyusha Home Page : http://www.gyusha.jp/


Japanese cuisine and hand-made soba restaurant “Season’s Rozan” in Kurume City



関連ランキング:そば(蕎麦) | 善導寺駅


You can taste elegant time in a relaxing atmosphere that you can not taste at chain stores.
When it gets dark at night, the outside atmosphere is illuminated by the light and it becomes a fantastic scenery.
There are nine kinds of course dishes of Season's Rozan, and the course changes depending on what you mainly use.
You can eat baked chicken and stone pot baked in Kumamoto prefecture called "Amakusa the Great King" by yourself, so you can adjust the grilling adjustment as you like.



Ohana’s Restaurant “Shukeitei Dining” in Yanagawa City



関連ランキング:うなぎ | 西鉄柳川駅矢加部駅徳益駅


There are two kinds of Ohana's restaurants, "Shukeitei" and "Shukeitei Dining".Shukeitei is divided into individual rooms, and weekly low dining is divided as a general restaurant.


There is a setting  for a ryokan, such as “Bell Room” and “Pines Room” in private rooms, each featuring a private room charge.

Amount is between 2160 yen and 5400 yen. Apart from that, course cooking fee will be charged. 

※ For details please refer to Ohana website.→http://www.ohana.co.jp/

The menu differs between Shukeitei and Shukeitei Dining, and Shukeitei is able to enjoy seasonal Japanese cuisine, especially Ariake regional cuisine, and Shukeitei Dining is a menu that feels like an eel restaurant.



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