Dinner in Kumamoto prefecture is decided here! Recommended fashionable restaurant



Kumamoto Prefecture is famous for Mt. Aso and has many hot spring areas!

I actually went to the restaurants and picked up the restaurant I would like to visit.

Please come to eat this restaurant when you go to Kumamoto sightseeing and dating.

Fashionable and cute “Moca Cafe” In Arao City

"Moca Cafe" located in the place where the store to introduce is a 7-minute drive to the amusement park called Mitsui Greenland.


関連ランキング:カフェ | 荒尾駅


It seems to be a very popular cafe, There are about 10 parking spaces, Parking lot is full.
When entering the shop, the interior is fashionable and casual shop.


Roughly looking at women.
Because I went to lunchtime time, There are spectacular scenes of lunch getting along with two girls.

French toast of moca cafe

Both French toasts match warm French toast and cold ice cream, making a biteful mouth happy.

Moca Cafe that can be used for girls’

You can rent moca cafe for less than 20 people!
Also, if you make a reservation for a surprise event service, you can use it even if you are a girls' association or a year-end party.
Because it is not a cafe like the atmosphere, "Cafe with chillin and girls association!"


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