If you are planning to visit Yamaguchi here! Recommended spot to visit!



If you are going to visit Yamaguchi Prefecture, you should go here! I introduce the recommended spots in Yamaguchi Prefecture where I actually visited. Please refer when you go to Yamaguchi prefecture for sightseeing. It is planned to update every time a recommendation spot increases.


Kintai Bridge in Iwakuni City



A wooden arch bridge bridged to the Nishikigawa of Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
It is counted in three of the most famous bridges and three of the most strange bridges in Japan.
Japan and local governments have designated it as high-value land for artistic or ornamental purposes.
The main structural parts are made without using nails at all by the technique of group trees such as fittings and joints, and the Kintai Bridge has been selected for 100 cherry blossom squares in Japan.



The view from the Kintai Bridge is the best and there are many photography spots that are perfect for commemorative photos.
Apart from having beautiful nature, there are fountains and there are many children playing with fountains.
It is cool near the river, but there is this fountain so the surroundings are quite cool.

Let’s improve money luck by visiting the White Snake Museum



Kintai Bridge is famous for white snake and there is a White Snake Museum.
The white snake is very rare, it is said to be auspicious, and you can see the white snake at this White Snake Museum.
Lottery ticket holders and seal stamps are sold at the White Snake Museum, according to the staff's story, it seems that customers who bought lottery tickets hit 10 million yen.


The Tsunoshima Bridge called Hawaii in Yamaguchi in Shimonoseki city



Tsunoshima Bridge has become a tourist attraction of Yamaguchi Prefecture, and it is widely adopted as a television commercial, especially CM location of a car commercial.
The view from Tsunoshima Bridge which is said to be Hawaii of Yamaguchi is very beautiful. There is a space in the middle of the bridge where you can park the car about two places, from which you can take a commemorative photo.




Spectacle of Tsunoshima spreading blue sky and blue sea



Nobody was swimming in the sea, but I wanted to take a walk to Sand Beach.

Let’s have lunch at Shiokazenosato Tsunoshima

There is a parking area called Shiokazenosato Tsunoshima across the sand beach of Tsunoshima.
Everyone who comes to Sand Beach will park their car in this parking area.




If you are hungry at playing sand beach, you can have lunch at Shiokazenosato Tsunoshima and enjoy sweets.




Shoukasonjuku in Hagi City



Shoukasonjuku in Hagi city famous for pottery is a cram school opened by Shoin Yoshida uncle who appears in Japanese history.
There are red and blue chairs in front, Paying women 's staff can lend a umbrella.
It is free to take photos of Shoukasonjuku.




Akiyoshidai’s Karst Road in Mine City



Karst Road passes through Akiyoshidai which is the largest Karst plateau in Japan, and the road has a gentle undulating curve. Numerous white limestones stand on rows of vast grasslands, and from the spring to the early summer you can see a unique landscape from the road.

If you drive a car along National Route 242 towards Akiyoshidai National Quarantine Park, you can pass through Akiyoshidai's Karst Road.
For people who like drive, it is a very pleasant road and you can drive cars with green landscapes.
I think that Akiyoshidai's Karst Road drive is the most refreshing spring to summer.

Taisho-dong in Mine City



Taisho-dong is a limestone cave in Mito-cho, Mine-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture. It is located in the northeastern part of Akiyoshidai National Monument Park, it is designated as a natural monument.
It is very cool inside Taisho-dong, and people who feel cold in summer may feel cold past the cool.
There is a difference from the outside air temperature.
People who are not good at cold are advised to take long sleeve coat.
The feeling when I went outside from Taisho-dong was the same as when I went outside from a cold shop in the air conditioner.

Points to note when going to Taisho-dong



Not only is the inside of the cave cold, but there is light but it is dark. Because the ground is wet, it is easy to slip and fall.
And bats are flying inside the cave.
Because there are places where you have to go crouchingly, it is the most dangerous to have a bat surprisingly and falling down and hitting your head.

Akiyoshidai Safari Land in Mine City

Akiyoshidai Safari Land is a safari park type zoo and amusement park in Mito cho Yamaguchi prefecture.
Drive in the safari park while riding in the car, and animals come and go next to the car.
A good point of safari land natural animal park can touch baby lion anyway.




Mostly, touching animals smells their hands, but even if a baby lion is touched it will not get stinky.
It is so cute that I can not think it is a very strong animal because it feels like being a feline animal.




Another good point of Safari Land is that there is a white tiger.

White Tiger is located in 7 zoos nationwide, but in the zoo of Yamaguchi prefecture there is White Tiger only in Akiyoshidai Safari Land! When going to Safari Land Please come and see the White Tiger.


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