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It is important to look for sightseeing spots and restaurants on Okinawa trip but it is quite difficult to find a hotel to stay.
Is it near from where I want to see or where I want to go? Is there a place that you can shop nearby?
Is not it far from the city? Is it easy to go to the airport? ...
There is no end as I start thinking.
After all, we do not want to consult with accommodation expenses, we want to stop at a great place if it is a great Okinawa trip!
So, I would like to report the hotel I stayed at, EM Resort Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel ♪

Location of EM Resort Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel

EM Resort Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel is 20 minutes by car from Naha city so it is not far there!
And since there is an ion mall in front of the hotel, we do not have trouble with shopping!
However, since there is no convenience store in the vicinity, if you do not go shopping beforehand, it is inconvenient because you can not go without putting out a car.
By the way there are no shops inside the hotel, there is a vending machine.
However, resort vending machines are expensive.

EM Resort Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel Staff Response

Previously, I introduced the Castle Park Hotel in Kagoshima, but like when I was at Castle Park Hotel, there was no such thing as "Hotel Man came to pick up luggage".
The staff correspondence of the EM Resort Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel was an ordinary hotel as much as I was experiencing Castle Mountainside Hotel.

EM Resort Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel hot spring

EM Resort Costa Vista The hot spring of Okinawa Hotel costs 1300 yen per person for an extra charge. You can pay on the spot and you can pay it collectively at the checkout time OK!
However, when I think that it is added to the charge when I made a reservation, I feel sad that I do not feel a sense of profit.
Even if you leave the fee, EM resort Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel is a hotel that makes ecology a catchphrase, so you can borrow it at the reception desk, but the basics are not all you want to use towels and amenities.
Since shampoos, rinses and body soaps on the hot springs are not of good quality, it is better to take shampoo and body soap with your own preferences.
The time zone during which you can take a bath is as follows.

6: 00 ~ 23: 30

The last of reception is up to 22; 30, so if you're playing until late at night you will fail to enter.


EM Resort Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel Viking Cuisine

I do not eat breakfast buffet only, so I do not know how restaurants in the hotel are, but goya is common in the salad menu.
When seeing the menu, there is a sequester, goya, so it feels like "I am in Okinawa."



EM Resort Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel rates

Although I stayed for 2 nights 3 days avoiding consecutive holidays such as summer vacation and Silver Week, the basic charge per person is 8000 yen.
If you put 2 bathing fee and breakfast in this, it is 11,000 yen per person.
As the size of the room we stayed was as much as 30 m² and I was able to spend relaxingly, There is no dissatisfaction in the room, but it feels high when thinking that it will cost extra charges such as bathing.

EM Resort Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel Reviews

Hotel ratings are as follows in 10 grades.
I think that it is an average evaluation.

Staff response
Hot Spring


I think that it may be a little cheaper as much as it is a little away from Naha city. It would be much appreciated by those who like hot springs to have breakfast and bathing charges included in the charge but who wants to take a bath several times a day.
I will be concerned about the extra charge.


Since there is an introduction video of EM Resort Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel, please refer ♪


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