If you are planning to visit Kagoshima here! Recommended spot to visit!



If you are planning to visit Kagoshima Here is recommended!
I will introduce the recommended spots in Kagoshima prefecture where I actually went. Please refer when you go to Kagoshima prefecture for sightseeing. It is planned to update every time a recommendation spot increases.

Daimyo Garden Sengan-en in Kagoshima City


Sengan-en is  designated as an important cultural asset of the country.
A separate house made by Shimazu lord.




As soon as you pass the entrance to the garden, there is a souvenir shop and dumpling shop on your right hand side and there are naturally rich flowers on your left.




When walking for a while the background of the garden,
Sakurajima towering spectacularly.




With exchange with Western culture The Satsuma clan whose military power was very high. The cannon possessed by Satsuma clan is also exhibited.

You should definitely go inside the palace of Sengan-en!



Admission fee for Sengan-en is 1,000 yen per adult, but if you do not purchase palace common ticket, you can not enter palace.
It is 1,600 yen.
If you can make more fun memories by paying plus 600 yen, let's absolutely purchase the Palace common ticket.




A palace common ticket is needed to enter palace in the above picture. Staff will show you in palace.




When purchasing a palace common ticket, you can eat green tea and sweets in the palace of Shimazu lord.




In the palace there is a red carpet and you can enjoy the scent of Japanese houses and the atmosphere of the end of the Tokugawa period.




There is a small pond in the palace,
It was well kept.

While watching the landscape,
It is fun to imagine that time.

In Sengen-en there is a training range for swordsmanship

In the Satsuma clan there is a traditional swordsmanship called "zigenryu" whose practice range is in sengen - en.
Since there is a wooden sword and knocking tree, you can tap the batting tree with a wood sword and enjoy the feelings of zigenryu's lesson. The staff does not teach zigenryu.

Sengen-en also became the stage of the NHK Taiga Drama



Although Sengen-en is also a drama shooting spot of the NHK Taiga Drama "Segodon", not only Segodon, but also Atsuhime's drama shooting spot has also become.
Atsuhime 's drama shooting spot has a guide plate standing like above.

Kagoshima Sakurajima Ferry


Kagoshima Sakurajima Ferry is a ferry that runs between Kagoshima City and Sakurajima. This Sakurajima Ferry will bring your car to Sakurajima!
Take a taxi at Sakurajima You do not have to go sightseeing.
When installing a car on a ship, car verification etc described by the car type is necessary, so it is necessary to reserve advance reservation. The staff will tell you the necessary documents.

Two routes of Kagoshima Sakurajima ferry

The two routes below are Sakurajima ferries.
  • Kagoshima - Sakurajima Passage
  • Cruise ship

Operation time of Kagoshima-Sakurajima route

Kagoshima ~ Sakurajima route is scheduled 21: 00-05: 00. 

Between 06: 00 and 20: 00 arrived in Sakurajima in 15 minutes with one leaving every 15 minutes.

Cruise ship operation time

once a day.

The departure time is 11:05, 15 minutes before the Sakurajima ferry podium If you do not arrive, you will not be able to ride.
It's a 50-minute journey to Sakurajima, and if the weather is nice, you can see the wild dolphins bouncing.

Interior of Kagoshima Sakurajima Ferry


In addition to a shop to eat, udon and fried noodles are sold.

The first floor is a parking lot, and when it reaches the rooftop, it is on the third floor structure.

Kirishima Kinkou Bay National Park in Sakurajima


Kirishima Kinkou Bay National Park is a promenade made of lava erupted in the Taisho era in 3rd year, and there are substantial walking courses feels exciting from the entrance to Kirishima Kinko Bay National Park.

Kirishima Kinkou Bay National Park’s footbath


Kirishima Kinkou Bay National Park's foot bath It can be used for free. Overlooking Kagoshima, You can enjoy foot bath.

Portrait of cry in Akamizu observation square



The Akamizu observation square is the place where the artist Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi opened an all night concert in August 2004.
The Sakurajima population seems to be about 6,000 people, but the audience who came to Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi's all night concert was about 75,000 people.
A crowd of over ten times the population of Sakurajima came to see the all night concert.
This seems to be a legend in Sakurajima, and there is a portrait of him made with lava from Sakurajima on the site of the all night concert.

Gamo Hachiman shrine with biggest tree in Japan in Aira city



It is a shrine with a wooden kusu tree, a country designated special natural treasure, a very quiet shrine.




Even the biggest trees in Japan are only Gamo's Kusunoki is really big.
By all means, I want your own eyes to see the biggest tree in Japan.
Gamo Hachiman Shrine is very quiet so if you like bustling you should visit in conjunction with the festival day.
The festival day list of Gamo Hachiman Shrine is on this official page.



The official page of Gamo Hachiman Shrine is here


Ryumon Falls in Aira City



Ryumon Falls is a waterfall selected as 100 waterfalls in Japan and it is only 2 minutes by car from the highway IC.
There is a square where you can overlook it by Ryumon Falls and it is a commemorative photo spot.


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