If you are planning to visit Oita here! Recommended spots to visit.



I gathered the Oita prefecture's recommended tourist spot I actually went. Please refer when traveling Oita.
Every time there are more recommended spots, I plan to update it.

Umitamago Aquarium in Beppu City



Oita Marine Palace Aquarium's common name, Umitamago(Sea Egg) aquarium.
You can enjoy the scenery that makes your heart excited not only for children but also for adults!




The production of sea creatures is beautiful. By saying that we Japanese are watching jellyfish, our hearts are healed, in Japan the aquarium with only jellyfish is popular. The jellyfish of the Umitamago aquarium also eliminates daily stress and makes me feel mild.


The Umitamago Aquarium has a spot that you can play with dolphins



The Umitamago Aquarium is partly beach and is designed to play with dolphins.

Umitamago Aquarium is not only for playing with sea creatures



It is not only the creatures of the sea who are at Umitamago aquarium.




How a chameleon is.There are many people who are not good at reptiles, but it may be one memory that you normally touch a non-touchable creature.


Takasakiyama in Beppu City



Monkeys at Takasakiyama is famous for Oita sightseeing spot.Takasaki Mountain is also not high enough to climb, so it's perfect for a bit of hiking.Since it is in front of Umitamago Aquarium, go with it.

You can enjoy forest bathing



Because it is a mountain by the sea, you can enjoy both the scent of the sea and the scent of the mountain.Sunlight through the trees will make your heart refreshed.




Takasaki mountain also has a ropeway. 
※ Ropeway is 100 yen one way

Get a fortune by having a monkey pass through your crotch



As a happy jinx, monkeys at Takasakiyama go through their crotch It is said that happiness will come.





Oita Fragrance Museum displays a variety of perfumes including brands such as Dior and CHANEL as well as the history of perfume.The scent museum is open all year round. The opening is at 10:00 and the closing at 18:00.Even if you go in a very late time, the museum is closed, so be careful when you go!

Let’s make your own original perfume at Oita scent museum

In the scent museum, you can make your own original perfume, not to mention purchasing perfume.Experts teach how to make perfume.Adults are 2,700 yen per person, It is possible to reserve a desired time zone.

You can order perfume at the museum shop

The museum shop sells not only perfumes, but also fragrances such as shampoo, body soap and aroma.When you compose the original perfume, you can get the ingredient list of the perfume together, so if you inquire the museum shop via e-mail or phone and tell the contents of the ingredient list of the original perfume, you can get the original perfume compounded on the ingredients lists.If you care about the original perfume, you can keep using your own perfume forever.Since I have listed the inquiry page to the Oita Fragrance Museum, please inquire from this page if you would like to inquire.


Oita Fragrance Museum Inquiry Page


By the way, it is not only the order of your own original perfume that you can contact Oita Fragrance Museum. Even when you do not know what fragrance you purchased there, They will tell you carefully.

The museum shop does not have an online store

Since the museum shop does not operate an online shop, they do not make a  list handled at the museum shop.However, if you know something, You can purchase. How to purchase is to order by email or phone. If you tell them your name, address and items you want to purchase by email or phone, they will ship.


A little expensive when buying at the museum shop

The items of the museum shop unfortunately it's a bit expensive.Depending on the address of the shipping address, shipping fee is 500 yen between Oita and Fukuoka.Moreover, since it is a bank transfer, there is a disadvantage that a credit card can not be used.If you know the product name, you can buy it on Amazon or Rakuten Ichiba cheaper than purchasing at the museum shop!



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