If you are planning to visit Miyazaki here! Recommended spots to visit.



I gathered the Miyazaki prefecture's recommended tourist spot I actually went. Please refer when traveling Miyazaki. Every time there are more recommended spots, I plan to update it. 

Moai statue of Sun Messe Nichinan in Nichinan City

The Moai statue of Sun Messe Nichinan is the first Moai statue made with the permission of reprint from the elders of Easter Island.
Sun Messe Nichinan is very large, and the scenery you see from Sun Mesa Nichinan tastes the resort feeling.


I took it from a slightly higher place, but there is a stage in front of Moai statue, and you can enjoy the event by visiting on the event day. Of course as a spot for photography It can also be used.


There is a stone statue of a famous person in Japan at Sun Messe Nichinan!


There is also an insect specimen building beside the Sun Messe Nichinan coffee shop.

As I go around the facility, there is a stone statue of a famous person.


It is a stone statue of a former governor in Miyazaki Prefecture! He is a man who has become a governor of Miyazaki Prefecture from a comedian. Because it is in an intelligible place, Please find it when you find it.


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