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Pick up a restaurant where you can enjoy dinner in Okinawa Prefecture! All the restaurants I actually tried and visited! You will be able to make wonderful memories of Okinawa Prefecture ♪

Gusuku of The Ritz-Carlton Okinawa Hotel in Nago City



Reading kanji in Okinawa is mysteriously read. We Japanese even do not know whether we read the kanji. Gusuku is written "城" in kanji. "城" means "Castle" in English. If it is not in Okinawa Prefecture, We read "Shiro" or "Jou". Although Japanese kanji is said to be difficult,  even Japanese people are difficult to read Kanji that can be applied to Japanese place names and people's names.



Well, it will be talking about restaurants, The Ritz-Carlton Okinawa Hotel's Gusuku is a dining bar with Japanese and Western dishes as well as Okinawa cuisine.

関連ランキング:レストラン(その他) | 名護市


There are not only indoors but also terrace seating so you can dine in indoors or you can dine while watching the night view at the terrace seat.


The Ritz-Carlton Okinawa Hotel itself is a luxury hotel, so the view from Gusuku is the best.

Gusuku course menu

Two types of dinner courses are based on!

  • Okinawa Prefecture Shabu-shabu Set (6,000 yen)
  • Okinawa Eat Tsukushi Gozen “Gusuku”(8,000 yen)


There are times when they hold special events, and the menu changes at that time.


A special event was a new initiative I started recently, when I visited Gusuku was the first day of a new initiative.


For this dinner introduction, I would like to introduce the special course menu that came out only at the event rather than the two course menus introduced above.

Gusuku special course

The special course of Gusuku is a course where you can enjoy dinner while watching Okinawa's traditional folk songs and dances.


The theme of the course menu is "stars". Here are the items of the Gusuku special course. It is written in Japanese.



The name of the first dish is Jugoya.
Jugoya is the night of the lunar calendar on the 15th. It's full moon night.




三日月(Mikazuki):means a crescent moon
Dishes is on top of a thin-baked egg That's the idea.



名月(Meigetsu) : means A full moon.
Soup for steaming of the matsutake mushroom pot.



月虹(Gekkou) : means rainbow caused by the light of the moon at night
There is cooking in one corner of a big dish.




月魄(Geppaku) : means Spirits of the Moon
Fillet steak to be the main dish.



月の欠片(Tsuki no Kakera) : means piece of the moon
Sirloin from Kuroge Wagyu beef from Okinawa Prefecture



超新星(Chou shin sei) : means Supernova
Dessert covered with chocolate dome.



Eat with a hole in a chocolate dome with a spoon's belly.




In the chocolate dome there is vanilla ice cream. Eat chocolate and ice cream mixed.

Okinawa folk songs and dancing were filmed with movie, but due to privacy we can not post it.
I'm sorry...

Naha city’s local restaurant Omoro Dhunchi


If I go to Okinawa travel, I would like to eat Okinawa regional cuisine. 

"殿内" in Kanji, and read "Dhunchi".

関連ランキング:沖縄料理 | 古島駅




The rooms themselves are small, but as if they guided to the tea room, You can taste Japanese style.

Omoro Dhunchi course menu



The shop staff are very nice people, Course dishes also had flexibility. Although it was a course meal that can not be ordered unless it was three or more, we could have ordered even two people.




There is a courtyard table in Omoro Dhunchi, which we can eat outside. The number of people increased from the middle and it was narrow in the private room, but we were able to move to the outside table.

Yamano Chaya Rakusui in Nanjo City



There is a restaurant named Yamano Chaya Raku in Nanjo City, not a fashionable restaurant like a hotel restaurant, a casual fancy restaurant.

関連ランキング:カフェ | 南城市


Hiking until you go to the restaurant, hill climbing sticks at the foot of the stairs.

Yama no Chaya Rakusui Menu


It is a restaurant like the so-called mass eateries.


There is no course menu, it becomes an order by a single item menu, set menu.


The price per item such as pizza and curry is around 1,000 yen.

Many of overseas travelers

Since it is an unusual design restaurant, there are also many visitors.
It seems that foreign guests often visit there, and clerks are accustomed to reception for foreigners.


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