If you are planning to visit Kumamoto here! Introduction of recommended spots!



Kumamoto Prefecture, famous for hot springs and mountains in Aso!
Pick up recommended spots for Kumamoto sightseeing! 
Since the earthquake occurred in April of 2016, we can not approach Mt. Aso near the restoration of the road. 
※ As of December 2016 

Please be aware that if you use cars during Kumamoto sightseeing, you can not do sightseeing smoothly with car navigation information!

Aso Milk Farm in Aso-gun


In the Aso milk farm, cow milking You can experience. The staff will teach you how to milk.




The soft cream sold at the shop is very delicious.


Mitsui Greenland in Arao City


Mitsui Greenland is not only in Kyushu, but in fact also in Hokkaido.
It has not only amusement park but also golf resort hotel!
Leisure facility that can go for playing together as accommodation.
The number of attractions is the most in Japan, with 81 models.


If I try to conquer all the attractions, it is not enough in a day at all.

Mitsui Greenland’s Light Fantasy


The fantasy of light that is held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays of November to January should not be forgotten.
The beauty of the illumination loses to the kingdom of Huis Ten Bosch's light, but Mitsui Greenland has attractions that are not in Huis Ten Bosch.



t is Mitsui Greenland's charm that you can enjoy attractions while watching the illumination.
There is a pleasure of the atmosphere different from the attraction you ride during the day.


How to get Mitsui Greenland’s ticket cheaply?

As of December 2017 I examined various ticket acquisition methods in various ways, If you are a student, how to purchase tickets at cheap to buy school discount tickets at Lawson 's Loppi.
If you are an adult, you can not purchase a discount ticket at Lawson 's Loppi,  so you can buy it cheaply by purchasing a shareholder preferential ticket at Yahoo auction. There was no other way except to buy the same day ticket.
To get on the attraction of Mitsui Greenland, you choose whether to purchase a free pass or purchase a coupon ticket.
Purchasing a free pass is the cheapest if you plan to fully enjoy your day.
If it is during the light fantasy period, the free pass after 15 o'clock will be reduced by 1400 yen per person.
If you enjoy Mitsui Greenland, it is cheap and fun to go play during the light fantasy period.


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