If you are planning to visit Saga here! Introduction of recommended spots!




If you are planning to visit Saga, the recommended spot is here!
Saga prefecture has mountains and oceans as well.
Because I summarized the recommended spots in Saga Prefecture, please refer when visiting Saga prefecture for sightseeing!

Yobuko marimbal of the Nanatsu husk pleasure boat in Yobuko



There are two boat trip boat trip boats, one is Ika Maru, the other is Gyra underwater viewing boat.
The underwater observation boat Gira is a two - story ship (basement + 1st floor) where you can see the underwater from underground glass window.
Unfortunately I never got on Gira, but I heard that before he went to Yoriko to a person who had gone to Gira, he got on Gira, but the sea floor was dirty and he could not see anything in particular about.

Nanatsu boat pleasure boat can only reach the entrance of the Nanatsu Kettle Cave

Ika Maru is going to the entrance of the Nanatsu Kettle Cave, so be careful!
There is a warning announcement from the captain, but it seems that sharks will come out.
Since the ship will shake quite well, be careful not to drop from the ship when you try to take a commemorative photo with the deck of the ship.

One of Japan’s three great inaris in Kashima city Yutoku Inari shrine


Yutoku Inari Shrine is a married shrine and a very lucky shrine.
There seems to be rumors that luck with going to a couple to Inari Shrine seems to be bad, but it is a misunderstanding among Japanese spreading from links cutting Inari that cuts bad links.
The shrine is on the 2nd floor + the top of the mountain. There are many stairs even if you do not go to the top floor of the shrine.
※ There is also an elevator, so be relieved.

Points to note when going to Yutoku Inari shrine


Since Yutoku Inari shrine is a shrine on the slope of the mountain, if you try to look around everything, you may get hurt if it is not easy to move.
I have to climb or go down a long staircase like the photo above.
Let's climb normally to go to the top so it is not like shoes or feet that get injured such as boots and heels, let's go with easy-to-move clothes such as sneakers!

Kagamiyama Observatory at Karatsu City



There is a terrace in Saga's Kagamiyama Observatory, which can be enjoyed even in the daytime.
People who want to enjoy the scenery from the terrace in the daytime & want to take a photo shoot.
Besides, it is like a little walking course and it is a perfect place for picnics.
It is wonderful as a night view spot, there is no light on the terrace, so the light of the starry sky and the lights of the city look beautiful.
There you can overlook Saga prefecture 360 ​​degrees, so you can take various photos.

Rice terrace observatory of Hamamura



The scenery of the rice terrace of Hamanoura is magnificent!
The beauty of it will change depending on the time of day and if you want to take a commemorative photo with a lush background, you should go in the daytime.
In the evening it is said that the beauty of it which is illuminated by the sunset is also the best.
The sea shines sparkling in the sunset, and the rice becomes golden.
When visiting, it is best to go before rice harvest.

Karatsu Castle in Karatsu City



It is fun to go to Karatsu Castle for lunch or for the sun to fall completely and go to see at night time.
When you go to see Karatsu castle as a night scene, you can see a night view with mood.
It is recommended that you visit during the middle of March when cherry blossoms are in full bloom, or around May when flower blooms in bloom.
Incidentally, Karatsu Castle was 410 yen per adult until September 30, but since the admission fee has been revised to 500 yen from October 1, please note ♪


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