If you are planning to visit Fukuoka here! Recommended spot!



If you are planning to visit Fukuoka prefecture, recommend it here!

I summarized the wonderful spots of Fukuoka.

Please refer when traveling to Fukuoka prefecture for sightseeing.

We plan to update every time we recommend more points ♪

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park where you can enjoy both family and couple In Fukuoka City

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park is making excitement from the entrance.
There are also many couples, but there are also a lot of people enjoying picnics in the family.
You can spend a wonderful day by going to the seaside marine beach park so easily that the day is over if it is too wide to go around everything.
Because there is also "Uminonakamichi marine world" of the aquarium near, Uminonakamichi can not be removed if sightseeing in Fukuoka sightseeing spot.
However, if you are going to play there, you should go with a car or rent a car.
Because Fukuoka is an automobile society, the bus is fuller than the train.
There is a place in front of Shikanoshima, which is a country so there are not too many trains or buses.
Come at the drive if you go for fun.

Renewed Uminonakamichi Marine World


Uminonakamichi marine world that is incorporated into the plan with a set with Uminonakamichi beach park.
It was renewed in April 2017, multilingual correspondence for the production of the aquarium and overseas tourists, restaurant and amenity are comfortable.


The restaurant is also more delicious than the franchise restaurant.



Next to the restaurant is a dolphin aquarium that allows meals while watching dolphins, so it is recommended to go there repeatedly with lunch time.

Fukuoka Tower where the illumination changes according to the season in Fukuoka City



In March, "Flower of the cherry blossom season", the Fukuoka Tower rises in the night view of Fukuoka, while shining the cherry-colored illumination.
Depending on the season to visit, the illumination of the Fukuoka Tower changes, so you can enjoy the seasonal mood.
As a special discount for Fukuoka Tower, birthday people are doing services such as free, so when you go to Fukuoka Tower you should do a preliminary examination.
Especially Illuminations are doing a limited-time illumination event, so it's better to check this.
In summer, Fireworks festival is also held at nearby Momochihama.
When the schedule collides with the fireworks display, it will be impossible to quietly enjoy the night view, so when you visit the Fukuoka Tower in the summer, be careful not to conflict with the schedule of fireworks display.

Worship Munakata Taisei as a natural tour in Munakata City



Many shrines are built in Munakata city, Fukuoka prefecture, and it is rich in nature.
Because it is a big shrine, Hatsumode at Munakata Taisha is impressive.


Apart from the main hall, there is an approach to the small company that has extended to the small company, leaking from the trees and the odor of the forest are healing effects.
There is a small shrine away from the main hall, the sun leaking from the trees and the odor of the forest have a healing effect.

Arashi (Japanese Idol Group) also visited Miyajitake shrine In Munakata City



Miyajitake shrine also became a shooting spot of CM.

The photographs when it became the shooting place of the CM are also pasted to shops around it.
The stairway of the Miyajimake Shinto shrine was tight, but when I look at the scenery after climbing I feel a fresh feeling.

The best Chinkoku temple in the period of cherry-blossom viewing in Munakata City

The best time to see is from mid-March to late March.
The site of Chinkoku Temple is very large and there are gardens as well.
During the period when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, they are crowded with tourists with cameras.
If you are going to see a cherry-blossom viewing in Fukuoka, Temple of the Seinjuku is the best place!


Yanagawa Domain Ohana Tachibana House in Yanagawa City



Oahan is a mansion of the Tachibana family of Yanagawa Domain.
Yanagawa is famous for river descent, but I want you to see the garden overlooking from Oahana by all means.


Ohana is located at the goal downhill, so when you come across Yanagawa you should see the garden by all means.

Summary of sightseeing spots in Fukuoka

Among the sightseeing spots in Fukuoka, I introduced the spot of recommendation in particular.
There are recommended spots in Fukuoka City and Munakata City, but they are dotted, but I think that it will be helpful for Fukuoka Prefecture sightseeing ♪



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