Dinner in Miyazaki prefecture is decided here! Recommended fashionable restaurant



I picked up a restaurant where you can enjoy dinner in Miyazaki Prefecture! 
Although it is not a cheap restaurant, every shop has a good atmosphere and the food is very delicious.
I will introduce restaurants that can make wonderful memories of Miyazaki Prefecture ♪

Teppanyaki Restaurant Miyachiku in Miyazaki City



There is restaurant called Miyachiku, teppanyaki restaurant handling Miyazaki beef.


関連ランキング:ステーキ | 宮崎駅宮崎神宮駅


A restaurant that opens one restaurant in Fukuoka and Osaka, the head restaurant is located in Miyazaki, basically developing restaurants in Miyazaki Prefecture.
Steak course is also cheap one from the course of 5000 yen range.

Miyachiku has two types

Teppanyaki Restaurant Miyachiku has a high-class type restaurant and a family type restaurant.
When it comes to family type, the maximum price is only about 10,000 yen.
This restaurant is a family type, with some guests coming to dinner with children, some customers coming at company events.

Interior of Miyachiku is wonderful


The inside of the store is not a quiet restaurant, it has a slightly bustling atmosphere.
And you can listen to live piano music.



Salads and drinks are self-type, so you can go pick up your favorite salads and drinks when you like.
However, drinks are only non alcoholic drinks such as oolong tea and cola.

Miyachiku’s steak plate becomes dessert



Bread is on top of the dish and baked steak on top of the bread.
And the bread of the steak plate is grilled on the iron plate and finally it becomes dessert.
Powder for desserts will apply your favorite powder such as chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon.


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