Interesting restaurant that can enjoy the atmosphere in Yamaguchi Prefecture



Delicious in Yamaguchi Prefecture! 
Not that, but I pick up an interesting restaurant!
All the restaurants I actually tried and visited! 
You will be able to make wonderful memories of Yamaguchi Prefecture ♪

Steakhouse Kobe JEJE in Shimonoseki City



It is said that Steakhouse Kobe JEJE to provide high-quality meat at a low price A restaurant that is doing family management.
Even though I say good quality meat, I did not feel that it was delicious.
It is not a reservation system with the policy of the restaurant.

関連ランキング:ステーキ | 新下関駅幡生駅


Interior of restaurant is good atmosphere, but because it is restaurant in residential area, neighborhood residents come to eat well.
Moreover, it is not a reservation system, so it is kept waiting.

Steakhouse Kobe JEJE’s steak introduction



Tenderloin steak 240 grams.
I eat it with a built-in sauce, but I did not know what this sauce is.
Mustard is like yellow mayonnaise.
Some people like it as the whole taste, others taste dislike others.
I think that it is better to eat with salt.
However, even if you eat this thick thick steak set, it is reasonable at 4000 yen per person.
Because you can order bread or rice together, set for those who really want to eat full.

Irori Sanzoku



There are three places of Irori Sanzoku, Kuroka store, Nishiki store, Canton store.
Special events are also available from July to October at a restaurant in the festival.
If you go to the bandits, the best thing is to go with the event.




The whole atmosphere is fun, but the cuisine is not delicious



It is a steak coming in on an iron plate, but to eat baked meat once again with a stone so that the steak does not cool down.
Not much steak is delicious, moreover it is expensive.
And We can not use credit card!
Irori Sanzoku is not a restaurant to enjoy cuisine, but a restaurant that enjoys the whole atmosphere.


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