A restaurant in Kagoshima prefecture is decided here! Recommended fashionable restaurant



I picked up a restaurant where I can cook in Kagoshima Prefecture!
All the restaurants I actually tried and visited!
You will be able to make wonderful memories of Kagoshima Prefecture.

Shiroyama Gardens Suiren in Kagoshima City



We recommend Shiroyama Gardens Suiren in SHIROYAMA HOTEL.


関連ランキング:懐石・会席料理 | 高見馬場駅天文館通駅加治屋町駅


Shiroyama Gardens Suiren has a wonderful interior and you can enjoy a very delicious dish.

Shiroyama Gardens Suiren has an anniversary course

Shiroyama Gardens Suiren has an anniversary course.
There are benefits in this anniversary course, and the benefits are the following three.

  • You can send a flower bouquet with a message.
  • There is a drink to celebrate.
  • It takes a commemorative photo.

Course menu of Shiroyama Gardens Suiren



All the ingredients used in Shiroyama Gardens Suiren were all taken in Kagoshima.
It is a course that you can enjoy the cuisine using the ingredients of Kagoshima prefecture fully.




Kagoshima Kuroge Wagyu beef sukiyaki lined with black pig shabu-shabu, unique dishes of Kagoshima.

Sakamoto’s black vinegar information center & restaurant Tsubobatake in Kirishima City



Kagoshima prefecture is famous for the production of black vinegar.
In Kirishima city there is a restaurant called Sakamoto's black vinegar information center & restaurant Tsubobatake.


関連ランキング:中華料理 | 国分


Because the building itself is very beautiful, the restaurant is also beautiful.




Schumai set is 500 yen with Sakamoto's black vinegar.

You can taste vinegar in various ways

At Sakamoto's black vinegar information center, we can taste black vinegar in various ways.
There are fruits such as oranges and apples, and black vinegar mixed with milk and ginger.
As a recipe for Sakamoto's black vinegar, they use fermented rice, rice koji, groundwater only, to ferment only by the heat of the sun, so it is a perfect natural food.
Since black vinegar contains essential amino acids, acetic acid, vitamin B group, and minerals, it improves blood flow, improves coldness, improves constipation and improves obesity, all that is good for health and beauty.

They also have an online shop, so you can order from the official page below if you want to repeat the favorite black vinegar.

→ http://www.kurozu.co.jp/product/


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