Is not it Japanese eel only domestic eel? Japanese eel also in foreign country?



Japanese people eat eels on a midsummer day of the ox.

Mainly eel which is eaten in Japan, It is a Japanese eel but was designated as an endangered species by UCN (International Conservation Union for Nature) on June 12, 2014.

“Is Japanese eel designated as an endangered species, can not we eat domestic eel?”

“There will be more eels made in China.”

Do not you think so?

Japanese eel is not domestic eel.


Japanese eel without a domestic eel

The Japanese eel refers to one type of eels and it does not refer to domestic eel.

Japanese eel is a kind of eels which inhabit mainly in Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Vietnam.

In other words, the Japanese eel was designated as an endangered species, as domestic eel is not an endangered species, but that it is globally endangered.

So, the possibility that the Japanese eel may be extinct is that there is a possibility that the Japanese eel will come out of the world.

Domestic eel catch of the eel in 2018 was only about 1% of the previous year’s level in January, and it was reported as a record large fishing failure.

According to the morning edition of West Japan Newspaper with 2018/03/05, 40% of consumers do not know that Japanese eels are endangered species.

It seems that there is a necessity for Japanese who have eating eel to know the current situation.


Only Japanese eel is endangered species?

There are 19 kinds of eel which are classified as eel, and there are 4 kinds of foods to be edible among them.


Japanese eel

Giant mottled eel

Europe eel

America eel


Among the four edible species, the American eel and the Japanese eel are designated as endangered species on the same level, and European eels are designated as endangered species of one rank.

In other words, three types of edible eels are designated as endangered species.

※ Giant mottled eel is edible in Taiwan, but in Japan, it is designated as a natural monument.


Is the day when the eel disappears from the table?


Currently, Japan imports eels most from China, but import prices are decreasing year by year because unit prices are rising.





参照元:ニホンウナギの生息状況と 日本におけるウナギ養殖・ 販売の現状


Due to the catastrophic national catch, it may be the day when the eels disappear from the Japanese table.

It is sad that one of the food culture in Japan disappears.


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