Be careful when you eat eels! I do not want to eat eels made in China!



For eels that eat on the Midsummer Day of the Midsummer, Chinese eels are often taken up.

Because eels imported by Japan import more than 80% from China, I think that eels seen in the supermarket sees only the domestic eel or the eel made in China.

Currently, I have stated in this article that the domestic eel catch is decreasing.


I tried to investigate whether Chinese eels are safe.

What is the actual situation of eels in China?

There is information on Chinese eels that contraceptives are administered for the administration of growth hormone to enlarge the eel and prevention of the disease and death of the fry.


The standard value of drug administration exceeds the standard value in Japan, and in 2005 malachite green of carcinogenic substance banned in Japan was detected in Japan.

Not limited to eels, Chinese foods are harvested in an overall poor environment.

Since videos on environmental pollution in China have been prepared, we recommend that you refer.

Although it was broadcasted in the past, environmental pollution is not improved so soon. You should consider it as a fact.

※ it is Japanese Broadcast


Chinese food not to eat Chinese food


Fake food that leads to death


Water pollution in China


In Guangdong Province, a style to cultivate as it is with a pond dug in the ground without setting up a vinyl called “open pond farming”.

Whether you want to play the food raised in such an environment and talk about it …

There is also a problem that the birth rate of malformed children is increasing by talking about poor environment foods.


You have to be careful not to eat not only eels but foods covered with dangerous chemicals.

It is said that it will take 50 years to improve environmental pollution in China.


It is a Japanese label but there is a possibility of a Chinese eel

Where did the name of the production area grew the longest in Japan? So the production label will change.

For example, after breeding in China for 3 months, if it is raised for 4 months at a Japanese farm, it can be shipped as domestic production.


It can not be relieved even if the label is affixed in Japan. There is also a case in 2008 that disguises the eel-producing area.

What is important is the Place of Origin indication, but there are only four processed foods in 22 foods where the place of origin is indicated.

As I wrote above, it can be written as a domestic product even in China.


So, how do we distinguish domestic eel?


How to distinguish Japanese eel from Chinese eel

When buying eel which is sold in supermarkets etc in Japan, there are the following differences.


Eel of Chinese origin : Eel itself is big, thick and thick.

Eel of Japanese origin : Eel itself is small, thin and thin.

Because the total number of eels themselves are decreasing, natural eels no longer circulate in the market.

I think that there is no choice but to judge by yourself, knowing the way to distinguish it safely for eel to eat.

Also, when you eat eel at a shop, eat at a shop depicting the place of origin.


If it is a conscientious shop, the production area is marked.


Let’s know the safe choice eel to protect yourself!


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