Can not recommend the Umikaji Terrace in Okinawa Prefecture? I have crowded and parking problems



Umikaji Terrace in Setagaya Island, Okinawa Prefecture.

Although it is an island resort area that started as a sightseeing spot, shopping spot in Okinawa, there are 42 shops in it.

I would like to mention the points to be noted when going there.

Umikaji Terrace has crowded and parking problems

On the official page of Umikaji Terrace, the number of parking lots is not stated, but there are so many visitors around that.

As you can see from the photo above, the Umikaji Terrace parking lot is crowded and parked on the street.

Because the parking lot is free, it seems that someone who has something in the vicinity is also using the parking lot.

Despite the parking lot being full, I did not see lots of people there.

Umikaji Terrace has few shops that can accommodate only a few people or even more than a dozen people, and the number of cars staying at the parking lot does not match the number of people seen there.

There is a strange car in the parking lot if the inside of Umikaji Terrace is not very crowded.

Umikaji Terrace’s parking lot is narrow

The width of Umikaji Terrace parking lot is very narrow.

If my car is not a mini car, I am afraid to hit the car next door or be hit from the next car.

If you are not good at parking, you need to be very careful not to hit the next car when parking, as the parking lot is crowded enough to cause a contact accident.

In the case of ordinary cars and large cars, there is no worry that parking on the street bumps the car or hits the car, but it becomes illegal parking.

They offer a shuttle bus pick up service, but the number of hops per hour is as small as 1 or 2.

How can I get to Umikaji Terrace? Investigate suggested access way

As a result, using a taxi is easier to go to Umikaji Terrace.

Can not recommend Umikaji Terrace?

Umikaji Terrace is a new sightseeing spot, but not very interesting.

I do not want to use the small number of shuttle bus services or visit plenty of crowded and parked in a small parking lot.

As mentioned above, Umikaji Terrace’s shop is a small store for several to tens of people.

I entered a shop in Sator Andagi, but the table in the shop is for one for three people.

It’s a shop that enjoys relaxing snacks.

There is also a roast meat restaurant etc., but it is for beer garden.

It is better not to expect too much.


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