What is the delicious eating way of bonito! What? It is delicious enough even without sauce



bonito beat

There is a person who is not good at seared bonito.

If you eat the seared bonito being sold at the supermarket, you can not bear the feeling of chewing fishy gum.

If poor bonito is cooked erroneously, it will be poor seared bonito.

I will introduce shops where you can eat delicious seared bonito and how to eat  seared bonito.

What is the delicious way to eat bonito?

Seared bonito is baked the surface fragrantly, eaten in half-life condition, in terms of steak, it’s rare state.

If you do not use fresh bonito, seared bonito is also not tasty.

Bonito is the first bonito in April and May and the return bonito in mid-August to late September is the most delicious.

Especially the return bonito is excellent.

Since there are seasons in the ingredients, let’s eat in the season when you want to eat delicious.

And when you eat seared bonito that is sold at supermarket, if you eat it with mayonnaise it will ease the fishy odor.

In addition, when you make your own seared bonito, if you bake it with the burner through charcoal, the gas odor disappears.

The feeling of chewing fishy gum is improved with fresh bonito and charcoal.

When trying to make a bonito sticker by yourself, please try to use charcoal.

Seared bonito is delicious only with condiments

What kind of sauce will you use when eating a bonito strike? Is it ponzu? Is it garlic-soy sauce? Do you use Momiji grated?

A really tasty seared bonito can be eaten delicious without a sauce.

General condiments used with seared bonito are as follows.

Shredded green onions, grated ginger, grated garlic, wasabi, large leaves, tree buds, leopards, chopped onions, rounds of blue peppers etc.

I think that there is preference for savory taste, but it is best to eat seared bonito put with chopped green onions, Japanese ginger, sliced ​​onion.

Shop that delicious seared bonito

bonito beat

Finally, I introduce shops that can eat delicious bonito bean paste.

There is a shop called “Shunmi Yamashu”.

It is good to say that the seared bonito is a bonito steak.

As they provide a straw-grilling bonito, you can eat the fragrant scented bonito bean paste.

The price is also reasonable and course meals are served from 3,500 yen.

※ plus 1500 yen with all you can drink

If you eat the seared bonito of the restaurant, you will not be able to eat one being sold at supermarkets etc.

Because you can eat the taste of that delicious bonito, if you have a chance, please go.

Bonito may be the best time to eat in the season, but you can eat a bonito that is delicious enough even if it is not a season.


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