Enjoy a delicious lunch! Introducing a calm atmosphere restaurant




A restaurant that people who know the calm atmosphere just recently started lunch know it.

I would like to introduce Shummi Yamashu.

Calm atmosphere restaurant known for those in the know

Shummi Yamashu is a restaurant who knows who is behind a street from the main street.

関連ランキング:割烹・小料理 | 薬院大通駅薬院駅渡辺通駅


There are 2 rooms , 6 people at the counter, total capacity is about 18 people.

Even if the restaurant does not face the main street, we call popularity in the word-of-mouth, and if you do not put the reservation at least a week before, the entry into the night time is difficult.

Because reservation is also necessary for lunch time, let’s always make a reservation when you want to enjoy lunch of seasoning.

※ Smoking is permitted during the night time, but lunch time is non-smoking.

Eat delicious lunch menu at 1600 yen!


The lunch menu of Shummi Yamashu is only a 1600 yen course.

Start from the grilled green soybean miso soup, main menu, dessert order.


The dishes they are using are fashionable, custom made by Arita-yaki.

The main menu is stored in three stages as shown in the picture above.


When you open the lunch box it will look like the photo above. Arita-yaki is heavy, so be careful not to slip your hands and drop it.

And that you should not forget that there are menus that can only be eaten in the lunch menu.

That is the picture here.


Five grain rice with Yuba soup. Wasabi is on the top.

It is a dish that comes out with the main menu of lunch, but this is impressed!

The more you want to order with a single item, the delicious dish.

Dessert is this picture.


It is tomato ice cream.

Ice cream itself also uses tomatoes, and the jelly on top also uses tomato.

The ice cream of this tomato can only be eaten in the lunch menu because they offer ice cream of ginger at the course menu of night time.

Popular menu appeared on seasonal lunch menu?


The thing that can not be forgotten by Shummi Yamashu is the seared bonito.

The fragrant scent and the texture like steak are exactly bonito steaks and become popular dishes.

As of July 2018 they just started the lunch menu, so it is not included in the course.

However, there is a request from regular customers to add the seared bonito in the lunch menu, so it seems that when the number of lunchtime customers gets on track, it is considering adding it to the lunch menu .

By all means, I want them to add it to the lunch menu!


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